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The authentic square farm hidden in a hilly lansdscape, takes you back to a time when we felt insignificant in the landscape. Time to go back to basics, to enjoy tranquillity and the nature of the surrounding estates. The age-old Zandbeek farmhouse was renovated with respect for the contributions of the previous generations. The central courtyard and the protective enclosure of the buildings is a welcome antidote to the daily rush.

Time to relax, time for a “deugdzonde” which stands for getting pleasure out of something which is a bit of a sin at the same time. Legend has it that Valerie’s great-grandfather, while watching a pretty young lady, once said “well she’s worth a ‘deugdzonde’”...........

{The word “Deugdzonde” stems from the Bible’s capital sins and is ingrained like that in people’s minds.}

In 2005 the first plans for De Deugdzonde were conceived. Being an architect for Marie-Josée Van Hee, Valerie already had the necessary experience to manage a big project. The ancestors’ farmhouse had been uninhabited for some years and needed a new direction. Valerie’s parents, Marc Doutreluingne and Moniek Vanhoutte, were very keen to pass the property on to a new generation. In doing this they insured the future of the building while preserving the integrity of the past. Nelly Holvoet (godmother) and Arsène Doutreluingne (godfather) inspired Valerie and Piet to create the atmosphere and transform De Deugdzonde into its current shape. The renovation of the age-old building started in 2010. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to open the doors of De Deugdzonde in the spring of 2012.

After six years of being a landlord of the pub ‘Talternatief’ in Tielt, Piet has experienced some ‘Deugdzonden’ himself. That’s why he feels very strongly about delicious food, nice drinks, good music and culture. We'll do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible and hope that De Deugdzonde lives up to its expectations and name.

Valerie Doutreluingne & Piet Van Buren